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Disponible: RivaTuner 2.09

RivaTuner uno de los software mas veteranos en el Overclock de tarjetas de video ha lanzado una nueva versión de la mano de su creador Unwinder, RivaTuner 2.09 agrega soporte para las nuevas tarjetas y ultimas versiones de los drivers gráficos lanzados tanto por AMD como por NVIDIA. Si eres de lo que les gusta jugar overclokeando tu tarjeta de video, te puede interesar esta nueva entrega.

-Added ForceWare 175.xx drivers family support.
– Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 174.40, 174.51, 174.53, 174.60, 174.70, 174.74, 174.82, 174.85, 174.88, 174.93 and 175.12.
– Added Catalyst 8.4 drivers detection. Please take a note that ATI continues “old good” tradition of using the same build version of different driver versions, so both Catalyst 8.3 and 8.4 will be detected as Catalyst 8.3 or newer.
– Updated Catalyst 8.4 certified SoftR9x00 patch script (for Windows 2000/XP drivers only).
– Updated PCI DeviceID database for AMD graphics processors. Added PCI DeviceIDs for RADEON X1650 AGP and RADEON 3850 X2.
– Update driver files database for 64-bit NVIDIA ForceWare drivers.
– Unlocked previously available experimental AMD RV620 graphics processors family support.
Added experimental NVIDIA G96 graphics processors family support.
Added experimental NVIDIA G100 (aka GT200) graphics processors family support.
Added experimental driver-level multi-GPU fan control support for Quad-SLI systems.
– Now RivaTuner is able to detect driver version and display driver files info for drivers using multiple driver files and active non-primary driver file.
– Added experimental clock frequency stress-testing for NVAPI overclocking interfaces.
– Added set of technologies aimed to improve RivaTuner startup and usage safety in conjunction with other hardware monitoring and diagnostics related tools.
– Updated bundled RivaTunerStatisticsServer v2.6.0 utility.
– Updated bundled D3DOverrider v1.6.0 utility
– Improved launcher module
– Improved scheduler module
– Improved hardware monitoring module
– Improved low-level diagnostic report module
– Unlocked undocumented SSAA and combined MSAA / SSAA antialiasing modes for G8x and newer display adapters.
– Now you may change external I2C fan controller detection retry counter using ExternalFanControllerDetectRetry registry entry or completely disable external I2C fan controller detection by setting this registry to 0.
– Minor UI changes and improvements.

Descarga RivaTuner 2.09…3.html#download

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